Top Reasons to Buy Epson ET-15000 You Need to Know

Almost all of the people want to buy something cheap, including the printer. It is because they do not want to spend their money for a printer. However, that might be different if you take a look at Epson ET-15000. Talking about the price, this printer is not something cheap. As a matter of fact, the price is slightly above the price of personal printers out there. Even though, there are a lot of people who are attracted with this printer. It is because there are so many things that this printer offer. If you are interested, then you need to know some of these top reasons to buy this printer from Epson.

Compact Size

The first one is the compact size of the printer. It is not a strange thing for a personal printer with the compact size. However, that might be different if you are talking a multi-function printer that can do three different functions. Most of the time, the size of this printer model is quite large. However, this printer is a bit friendly because of the more compact size of the printer. Yes, you do not need to worry about the space for putting the printer.

Sharp Printing Output

Another great reason to buy this printer is the printing resolution of this printer. Even though this printer is considered as a personal printer, the printing resolution that you can get from Epson ET-15000 is quite large. The printer has the maximum printing resolution of 4800 dpi for any kind of your photo printing needs. With that printing resolution, you can be sure that the photo that you print will not get blurred even though your photo has a large resolution. You need to try it on your own.

Three Functions in One Machine

The next reason is the functions that you can get from this printer. Yes, this printer is an all in one printer, which means the printer is not only printing. The printer is able to do some other tasks such as copying and scanning. Yet, that is not the only reason. The main reason is actually the fact that this printer can copy and scan as good as stand-alone scanner and copier. This is the most important part of all that you need to know from its functions.

Wireless Printing Technology

The last reason is because of its modern technology. You can expect to have a nice printer with a lot of modern technologies inside. That is because you have paid above the average personal printer. One of the best technologies that you can get from Epson ET-15000 is the wireless printing technology. This technology lets you print anything without having to turn on your computer or laptop. You do not even have to connect the wire with your PC. You can easily do that using your gadget. As an addition, there are some methods that you can choose to connect your device with the printer so that you can print directly from your device.

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