Top Features Offered by Epson ET-5800

Buying a nice printer for your office needs might sound something easy. However, there are a lot of office printers that do not run based on what you want them to be. That is why you need to get a nice office printer that can help you with all of your printing needs at the office. One nice printer model that you can get is the Epson ET-5800. This printer from Epson is not a cheap office printer because to get this printer you will need to spend around 700 dollars. However, that number is still considerably rational if you want to get a nice printer for your office printing needs. Besides that, this printer offers you some of the best features that can surely help you with most of your printing needs at the office.

Print Everything Faster

The first top feature that you can get from this printer is the fast printing speed. You cannot compare the printing speed of a personal printer with the office printer. It is because the office printers usually print faster than those personal printers. However, the number also varied based on the price of the printer and the printing quality of the printer. For your information, this printer from Epson is able to print up to 23 pages in a minute. It means to print a page using this printer it only takes around two seconds. That is something that can surely help you if you have to print a lot of documents at the office.

Print More Using the Bottle

The next top feature that this printer offers is the bottle tank. If you think this feature is a bit useless, you are wrong. The reason is because by using the bottle tank, you can store more ink with this Epson ET-5800. If you are able to store more ink on the tank, it means you do not need to worry if you have to buy the ink with large capacity. That is because you can always pour all of them inside the tank. This way, you will not need to buy the ink with small capacity ever again. You can skip those small capacity inks. You will surely save more and more money if you buy the ink with large capacity. If your printing need is considered as something large, you will notice that you have saved some of the money.

Print in Amazing Detail and Sharpness

The last one is the printing quality of this printer. It is the printing resolution to be precise. You need to realize that most of those office printers do not offer the high printing resolution. The printing resolution is considered as something nice, but not the best. Fortunately, this printer from Epson is on a different level with those average office printers. The Epson ET-5800 offers you the printing resolution of 9600 dpi. This printing resolution is totally amazing considering the fact that only few office printers out there offer you the similar printing resolution.

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