The Decent Performance of Canon i-SENSYS MF623Cn

Even though Canon has released a lot of printers in the past, the quality checking from this company is considered as one of the best. That is because until this time Canon is still manufacturing some of the best printers that you can get. One of them is the Canon i-SENSYS MF623Cn. This printer can be considered as an office printer because of the specifications of this printer. However, that is not the only thing that you need to highlight because the thing that you need to highlight is the performance of this printer that is quite decent.

This printer is not an average printer from Canon. That can be seen from the maximum printing resolution of this printer. Yes, you can easily get a printing output with the maximum printing resolution of 4800 dpi. Judging from the maximum printing resolution, there are actually still some other printers with the better printing resolution. However, for the printer on the medium class, the printing output of this printer is already one of the best that you can get. You can easily compare it with some other printers out there.

There are some printers that can print faster than Canon i-SENSYS MF623Cn is. As a matter of fact, the printing speed of this printer is considered as something quite average. Even though, this printer is not going to give you the slow printing speed. The reason is because the printing speed of this printer is something very decent. Yes, that is because this printer has the maximum printing speed of 16 pages in a minute. For many standard office needs, this printing speed is more than enough. However, if you have to print a lot of things in a short time, then you might need the upgraded version of this printer.

The last thing to highlight is the efficiency of this printer. For many people, the ink consumption is something very important because they have to print a lot of things. That is why they have to choose a printer that can print efficiently. For your information, in term of efficiency, this printer is quite nice because the efficiency level of this printer is slightly better than the other printers are. To make it simple, Canon i-SENSYS MF623Cn is able to save around 20 percents more of ink compared with the other printers is.