Some Details of Samsung SCX-3405 Performance

There are many brands of printer currently. Samsung is one of them. From this brand, there are many products released for many years, and Samsung SCX-3405 is one of them. This is a multifunction printer. Based on its basic type, it is already clear that the device is not only for printing, but it is also able to scan and copy documents. These three are basic functions to deal with documents nowadays. By having them in single device, of course it is more effective to use. There are also more details about the printer that can give more references.

Printing Performance of Samsung SCX-3405

This mono printer uses the laser printing technology. This is great benefit offered by the manufacturer. The laser technology is able provide better printing performance that the common cartridges. Specifically, it is able to give better printing speed. The printing speed of Samsung SCX-3405 is up to 20 pages per minute. In fact, it is quite good speed, but it cannot be called as the best printing speed of laser printing. There are more advanced printers with higher speed, but it will be sufficient when it is for personal uses.

Since it is a mono printer, it is not able to print the color pages. The ink is only dedicated for black and white or grayscale printing. Even if it is only mono printing, it can provide good resolution up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. With this resolution, users can get better quality compared to common mono printing, especially when it is to print the mono or grayscale images and graphics. Moreover, it does not require you to wait for the first printout. It will be ready in less than 9 seconds from the standby position.

Scanning and Copying Performance of Samsung SCX-3405

The printer also works as scanner. In this case, the printer has CIS technology for its scanning. This is not only to scan in good quality, but it also enables the printer to scan colorful documents or image. Even if this is mono printer, it does not mean that the performance will be limited by the mono scanning. In term of resolution, the basic optical resolution is only 600 x 600 dpi. However, there is interpolated resolution, and it can enhance the quality up to 4800 x 4800 dpi.

In term of its function as copier, it uses the same speed as its printer. It can copy up to 20 pages per minute, and the first copy will be ready in around 14 seconds. This takes longer than the first printout since it has to scan the document before print or duplicate it. When users use the copier, they are able to resize the documents. It can be made smaller up to 25% of its original size, and it can be enlarged up to 400%.

In this model of this printer, there is also additional function of fax machine. This is special additional feature, and it is useful for someone who needs to send the files to other clients or recipients. The fax machine is also nice since it can provide faxing speed up to 33.6 kbps. This has compatibility to the Super G3 faxing technology. Since it is for faxing, of course it has memory, and it can keep up to 500 pages. This surely becomes additional features of Samsung SCX-3405.

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