Samsung SCX-3400 Laser Multifunction Printer

Samsung has great electronic devices. One of them is the segment of printers. There are many models of printers, and Samsung SCX-3400 is one of them. This is interesting product since it is a multifunction printer. As its name, the printer is able to provide more functions that printing. It can print, scan, and also copy. Normally, people will need to use three different devices, but now it is possible to find these functions in single device. There are also some features and other interesting details.

Interesting features of Samsung SCX-3400

The device has many great features. One of the interesting points is the One Touch Eco Button. By pressing the button, you can automatically turn the eco-printing function on. This is surely beneficial since will help you to save the printing costs. It is not only to cut the ink consumption in each printing task, but it also saves paper and energy. It is surely efficient, and it is good for environment. That is also why the feature is named as Eco-printing.

In fact, Samsung SCX-3400 also has Easy Eco Driver. These two features become good combination since the driver will give more beneficial access in saving the printing expenses. It will help you and other users in adjusting the quality of printing results. You are able to adjust the color, and other details of document before printing. You can review the file and omit the unnecessary parts of the documents. You are also able to combine it with the One Touch Eco Button, so it will be more useful in cutting the cost expenses.

Printing Performance of Samsung SCX-3400

In printing, the device is able to provide great performance. The device is able to provide printing speed up to 20 pages per minute when it prints the A4 paper. When it prints the document in letter size, it will provide up to 21 pages per minute. Then, the first printout will be ready in less than 8 seconds from the standby position. This is surely good printing speed, especially for the personal use. It also has good printing resolution. It is able to provide up to 1200 dpi. Unfortunately, it is not able to run the automatic duplex printing, since it still requires you to do the manual duplex process.

Scanning and Copying Performance of Samsung SCX-3400

Although the printer works on mono printing, the scanner can work on both color and mono documents. It is possible since it uses the CIS method in scanning. In term of its scanning resolution, it is actually only around 600 x 600 dpi. However, the basic optical scanning resolution still can be improved up to 4800 x 4800 dpi. This is possible to do since Samsung provides the technology of scanning enhancement to improve the scanning quality.

Related to the scanning function, it enables the printer to run the copying function. In copying the document, it can copy multiple tasks up to 99 pages. In case it is not enough, users can repeat the copying process, and it will not take much time to do it. Then, its copying speed is similar to the printing speed. It can print up to 20 pages per minute for the A4 paper and 21 pages per minutes for Letter pepper. To make it more interesting, the first copy result will be ready in less than 14 seconds. Even, you are able to enlarge or shrink the copy results. The resizing feature of Samsung SCX-3400 starts from 25% to 400% of its original size.

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