Performance Details of Samsung SCX-3205

Working effectively with document will require printer. This device has important roles to print documents. Even now, the printer technology has developed, so it now combines more devices into compact package. That is how the multifunction printers appear. This is something interesting since people only need to use single device to use various functions. One of the devices is Samsung SCX-3205. This printer can work as printer, scanner, and also copier. Of course, it is interesting to know more about the device from Samsung.

Printing Performance of Samsung SCX-3205

This printer has used the laser printing technology. This is important factor that will improve the quality of its performance. The laser technology is known to provide great printing speed. Its speed can reach 16 pages per minute. This is good printing speed, but it is not the best one to achieve since there are more laser printers that can provide better printing speed. However, it will be enough for printer dedicated to the personal uses, since the users will print fewer pages than in the offices.

In term of its printing resolution, it can print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. For a mono printer, of course it is enough since there are no colorful images that need higher resolutions. Even when it prints the black and white images or grayscale graphics, the resolution is still enough. It is able produce good quality of sharpness in fonts and images.

Scanning and Copying Performance of Samsung SCX-3205

In scanning document, it also gives good features. There are some interesting details of the Samsung SCX-3205. The printer is able to provide good resolution. The basic resolution is up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Then, it can be improved to higher resolution since the manufacturer provides the interpolated scanning technology. With this, the device can enhance the resolution up to 4800 x 4800 dpi. This is something better that can be obtained. It is surely nice things, even when people want to scan images and photos.

Due to the scanning technology, the printer is also able to copy or duplicate documents. For copying, the resolution follows the basic resolution of the scanner, which is 1200 x 1200 dpi. In term of speed, it uses the printing speed, so it can copy up to 16 pages per minute. In copying document, it can handle many pages, and its limit is 99 pages. For personal use, it is enough since it later can be repeated in case the users need more.

Compact Design of Samsung SCX-3205

It is printer dedicated for personal use. Small and home offices may also use it if they are fine with its printing speed. The design is very compact. It has simple shape of cube. It can be placed easily in table and other places, and it will not take much space. Then, its weight is only around 16.31 lbs. This is not too heavy, so it is also fine in case users want to bring or move the devices to other places. Unfortunately, this still depends on USB cable in its operation. Even if it already supports network connectivity, it is surely better if Samsung SCX-3205 has wireless connectivity.

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