Great Deal from Epson ET-5850 Office Printer

Talking about the price that you need to pay for an office printer, the budget allocation around 500 dollars is enough to give you the office printers that you need. Even though, there are some printers out there that are priced for more than that number. One of them is the Epson ET-5850. This office printer from Epson is priced for more than 500 dollars. Some people will surely think that spending that much money for an office printer is quite expensive. Yet, once you find out the quality and performance of this printer, there is only the slightest possibility that you think the printer is not worthy to buy. It is because there are a lot of people who have been using this printer for years and they have no problems with it because of the performance of the quality.

Prints Everything Faster

The first point that you need to highlight from this printer is the printing speed. Before you go with the maximum printing speed of this printer, you need to understand that this printer is meant for the small business needs. It would not be wise to compare the printer with the large office printers out there. That is why the printing speed of this printer is considered as good enough. This printer from Epson is able to print up to 19 pages in a minute. This one is slightly faster than many other printers on the same class with the average maximum printing speed of 17 to 18 pages in a minute. As an addition to that, the Epson ET-5850 only needs few seconds to deliver the first print page.

Gives Complete Functions

The second one might not be that attractive for some people. It is the multiple functions that you can get from this printer. There are a lot of office printers out there that can give you the similar features. It is because an office printer should be something that can handle many office works such as printing, copying, scanning, and even doing email. Those tasks are nothing for this printer. This Epson printer is able to do that. It is more than that because this printer is able to do all of those functions nicely. So, if you think that this printer gives you the extra copying and scanning functions, you are wrong. This machine is a printer, a copier, and a scanner. That is because this printer performs all of those functions nicely.

Strong and Sturdy Printer

The last one is the strength and endurance. You need to realize that an office printer needs to be strong and powerful. It is because the printer will be used to do a lot of office tasks. That is why if the printer is not strong enough, you can be sure that you will need a new printer for your office. That is why, rather than buying a printer every few years, it is better for you to buy the strong and tough printer such as Epson ET-5850 that you can use for many years.

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