Epson ET-7700 Personal Printer with Best Performance

As a personal printer, the price that you need to pay for an Epson ET-7700 might be a bit much. This is one real opinion that you can easily search on the internet. Even though most of those people who have bought this printer to be their personal printer at home did not complain at all. It is because they have paid for something worth paying for. Yes, even though the price of this printer is above the average personal printers out there, the sale of this printer is still considered as something nice. It is because the printer offers you the nice performance that is worth to pay even for a considerably high price. Here are some of those performance details that you need to know from this printer.

Highly Detailed Color Print

The first one is the highly detailed color prints. Personal printer is one kind of printer that should be able to focus on both printings, the color and the monochrome. That is why color print should be another thing that a personal printer thinks about. This is one thing that you can get from this printer. For your information, this Epson printer is already using five individual ink tanks. All of those tanks are used to deliver each specific color that will generate the best color combination that you need. This is why the color printing output of this printer is considered as the detailed one. You will surely notice the difference when you are printing a photo using this Epson ET-7700. The color combination will make the photo printing output look very natural.

Sharp Printing Output

If you need a printer that can print nicely, then this printer is the one that you need. One thing that many people love from this printer is the ability of this printer to print most of the things sharply. Yes, this one is because of the maximum printing resolution of this printer that reaches 5760 dpi. This one is better than many other nice personal printers out there. Those printers usually have the maximum printing resolution of 4800 dpi. This is why the printing output of this printer from Epson can be very sharp. As an addition to that, the ink droplet of this printer is very small so that this printer will not miss any small detail that you have during the prints.

Wireless Printing Capability

The last but not least is the capability of this printer to do the printing wirelessly. For your information, this kind of feature is getting more and more popular nowadays. It is not only for the office printer, but also for the personal printer at home. That is why this Epson ET-7700 is using the same thing inside the printer. With this technology, you can easily print from any spot in your house using the Wi-Fi connection that you have inside the house. Or else, you can easily install some other additional applications that will help you to print wirelessly through your smartphone.

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