Epson ET-4700 for Your Cost-Friendly Printer

Some people choose to buy the affordable printer with the considerably affordable price. This is one rational thing to do. That is why there are not many people who consider the Epson ET-4700 because the price of this printer is reaching 290 dollars. Some people think that they can get the more affordable printer with similar performance. It is true and you cannot deny this fact. However, have you thought about the efficiency and the cost that you have to spend if you buy one of those affordable printers? You need to also realize that not all of those printers are efficient enough and cost-friendly, especially if you want to use the printer for the personal printing needs at home. If you want a cost-friendly printer, this printer from Epson is the right one to choose.

Using Ink Bottle

The first thing that made this printer quite cost-friendly is the fact that this printer is using the ink bottle. Most of those printers out there are using the ink cartridge. It means there will come the times when you have to replace the ink cartridge. As a result, you have to spend more money for the new cartridge. However, if you are using this printer from Epson, you will not need to worry about that at all. As an addition to that, buying a bottle of ink is surely cheaper than buying the ink for the cartridge. This way, you might only need to spend 30 dollars for a bottle of ink that you can use for a year or so. This is the first cost-friendly factor that you need to consider from Epson ET-4700.

Printing Efficiency

The second thing that made this printer is able to press your printing cost is the ink consumption. If you want to take a little survey on the internet, you will notice that most of those personal printers are able to print around 1,500 to 2,500 pages using the average of 100ml of ink. However, if you choose this printer, you will be able to print up to 4,000 pages of documents and text. Meanwhile, for the color prints, you are able to print up to 7,500 pages. Indeed, it is caused by the bigger bottle capacity. However, the ink usage of this printer is still considerably smaller than the other printers in the same class.

Spending Less on Electricity

The last but not least is related to the power consumption of this printer. Since the power consumption of a personal printer is relatively low, there are not many people who realized this thing. However, Epson put this thing into consideration so that they managed to manufacture the Epson ET-4700 with low power consumption. Yes, this printer will only use around 20 watts of power to run properly. The other printers usually need around 50 watts to run. It means you are able to cut more than half of your electricity bill from the printer itself. You will feel the difference after sometimes using the printer.

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