Epson EcoTank ET-3750 Colour Multifunction Printer

Talking about the price, there are a lot of personal printers that are sold for cheaper price than Epson ET-3750. Even though, this printer from Epson is one of those personal printers that are worth to consider. That is why a lot of people chose this printer to be their personal printer at home. They do not really care if they have to spend up to 300 dollars for this printer because the performance of this printer is worth to pay for. As an addition to that, there are some things about this printer that many people missed so that they think spending 300 dollars is not something worth to do. For your information, the there are some friendly factors from this printer that you might not want to miss. Here are some of them.

Affordable Electricity Bill

The first one is the affordable electricity bill. This printer is a personal printer, which means the power consumption of this printer is relatively low. You cannot compare this printer with the office printers that require up to 200 watts to operate. Even though, there are many other personal printers that require a lot of power to operate. Most of them need around 40 to 60 watts of power to run. Fortunately, this printer from Epson is totally friendly because the power consumption of this printer is not more than 20 watts even when the printer is operating. That power is around half or even one third of many other personal printers out there. That is why Epson ET-3750 is totally friendly with your electricity bill.

Extra Inks

The next one is the extra ink pack that you can get from this printer. If you buy a new printer, you will get the ink and the cartridge. However, extra ink is another different thing because you might need to spend more for the extra ink. If you need some extra inks to print for the longer period, then this printer is the nice option to choose from. The reason is because you can get the extra ink from this printer. It is not just an extra ink. It is the large extra ink because you get a large bottle full of ink. Many people even skip their ink spending for some months because they already have the extra ink when they buy the printer for the first time. It is something simple, but you will be glad to have one.

Large Printing Duty

The last friendly feature from this printer is the large printing duty. The meaning of printing duty has nothing related with the toughness of this printer. It is because the strength of the printer is relatively similar with some other printers out there. However, the Epson ET-3750 is able to print more because of the printing efficiency technology that you can find inside this printer. If some other printers can only print up to 12,000 pages, this printer is able to print up to 14,000 pages using the same ink capacity. Is not that something enough for you?

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