Epson EcoTank ET-3710 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

As one of the best printer brands that you can find nowadays, Epson has manufactured a lot of printer models for many different needs. One of them that you need to know is the Epson ET-3710 printer. This printer is meant for the personal use, but the price is slightly above the average. However, the performance of this printer is worth to use as your small office printer. This is why more people are using this printer to be their small office printer. For your information, this printer model from Epson has some nice features that can help you with many printing needs and preferences that you have. Yet, these features below are considered as the main features that you can get from this printer model from Epson.

High Printing Resolution

The first main feature that this printer offer is the high printing resolution. You have to admit that printing resolution is one of the most important requirements of a nice printer. A fast printer will still be useless if the printing resolution is low. It is because you will not get the sharp and detailed printing output without the high printing resolution. That is why this printer offers you the high printing resolution. For a personal printer, the printing resolution of this printer that reaches 4800 dpi is considered as something high. It is because you will get an amazing photo printing output for a photo up to 16MP quality.

Very Low Power Consumption

There are only few people out there who are thinking about the power consumption of their printer. Even though, Epson ET-3710 still considers the power consumption that this printer needs to run. It is because if you use a printer with high power consumption, you will have to spend more for the electricity bill. Fortunately, this printer is friendly enough in term of power consumption. Talking about its power consumption in sleep mode, the printer is not that different with many other printers out there. However, during its running state, this printer only needs around 15 watts to run. This is very amazing because some other printers on the same class need around 40 to 50 watts to run. That number is tripled of this printer power consumption.

Free Cartridge Pack

The last feature that you can get from this printer is the free cartridge pack. Many other printers out there will not include the extra ink that you can use for refilling the cartridge. That is why you need to buy the extra if you want some more. For your information, this printer is a bit different because you can get some extra inks from the free cartridge pack when you buy this printer. For your information, it is not a mere cartridge pack because you can use the extra to fill the cartridge for two more times. This is something special from Epson ET-3710 because you will not need to buy the extra ink for some times if you buy this Epson printer fresh from the box.

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