Best Things You Will Get from Epson ET-4750

Since there are a lot of printer models that you can find nowadays, you might be confused in choosing which printer model to choose. For your consideration, when you are looking for the best printer, you need to consider your needs. Or else, you can get Epson ET-4750 as one of the best printer models that you can find nowadays. Of course, there are some parts that make this printer looks average. Yet, there are things that made many people fall in love with this printer from Epson. If you are curious, here are some of the best things that you will get if you buy this printer from Epson for your personal printing needs at home.

Amazing Printing Cost

The first point that you will surely get from this printer is its amazing printing cost. The meaning of amazing printing cost is that you will be able to cut your printing cost up to half of the average printing cost of the other printers. For example, if the average printing cost of the other printers is 10 cents, then this printer from Epson only needs around five or six cents to print. The main reason is because this printer is already using the ink bottle. This way, you can buy more inks for the cheaper price compared with the other printers. As an addition, the ink efficiency is relatively better than some other printers out there. These two things are just the perfect combination that you need to press the printing cost.

Fast Printing Speed

The next best thing that you should never miss from this printer is the printing speed. If you think the printing speed of Epson ET-4750 that reaches 12 pages in a minute is relatively average, you might want to think about another factor first. It is the first print out time. Many times you only want to print a few pages of your documents, but you have to wait for the printer to warm up. As a result, printing one page will take around 20 to 30 seconds. That might be something okay for some people. However, that is not okay for the others. That is why this printer is able to deliver the first printing page in less than ten seconds.

Speedy Duplex Task

Duplex printing is becoming one common feature in many printers nowadays. The problem is that doing duplex printing usually takes more time compared with the standard printing time. As a matter of fact, there are some printers that will take up to three times of regular printing time to do the duplex print. That is why the speedy duplex print becomes the third thing that you should never miss from this printer. Talking about the duplex printing, this printer from Epson is able to do duplex printing faster than many other printers out there. It is because the maximum printing speed for duplex print that you can get from Epson ET-4750 is reaching seven sheets in a minute. You will not need to wait for long to do the duplex print ever again.

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